International Friendly Tournaments

Head coach Park Hang Seo believes in the playing style of Vietnam Team

Speaking at the press conference before the international friendly match against the Philippines, head coach Park Hang Seo continued to believe in the style of play that he had built for Vietnam. The Korean leader assessed that tomorrow’s match with the Philippines team is appropriate for the players.

Head coach Park Hang Seo said: “After the match against the Philippines, we have about a week to prepare for the first match in the AFF Cup, so the process is appropriate for the players. However, friendly matches also have advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, Philippines is in Group B so I can try a bit of tactics. Secondly, I am also afraid that the player may get injured because in tomorrow’s match, the players need to show more adaptation to the requirements of the coaching assistants. I hope the players are healthy, no injuries.”

Regarding the situation of the team, head coach Park Hang Seo said: “Currently, the team has 28 players who are practicing, Quang Hai will not be in Hanoi until the morning of December 15 to participate in training with the team. We assigned assistants to communicate with Quang Hai regularly. He is training with a personal trainer, his health is good, there are no problems. Ho Tan Tai returns because of the pass-away of his grandmother and will gather with the team tonight. There are two cases that have not practiced with the team, Van Hau and Hoang Duc due to minor injuries, but it is not a big problem”.

Talking about the playing style of the Vietnamese team, head coach Park Hang Seo said that he had been criticized for being conservative in tactics. However, he emphasized with the existing players, the strategy he is using is the most suitable for the Vietnamese team. “Spain played beautifully but was eliminated from the 1/8 round of the World Cup. Fans everywhere like a beautiful playing style well, but if the results are bad, the coach is responsible. I know that the Vietnamese fans like the beautiful football with a the good results. But now, we need to choose which one is more preferred, because both are not always achieved. Football is a process where there are things we have to pursue,” said coach Park Hang Seo.

Attending the press conference with Mr. Park, center-back Que Ngoc Hai shared: “During these two weeks, the whole team is working hard towards the upcoming AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup. The players are excited and waiting for the opening match against Laos. The friendly match against the Philippines is the final test to enter the tournament, so the players will try to make a point with the coaching assistants to have name in the AFF Cup. Hopefully, the whole team will keep the spirit and efforts, set a common goal for the upcoming tournament.”

Head coach Josep Ferre (Philippines team)

“I think tomorrow is a good match to test before entering the AFF Cup 2022. The Vietnam team is a strong candidate for the tournament. This will be a good opportunity for us to test the player’s ability and test the squad. I hope the Philippines will have a good match tomorrow.”

“It’s hard for us to have all the players because many players are playing far away from the country, and it’s hard to gather them all. However, this is the opportunity to develop young players. This is almost the final list at the AFF Cup. The Philippines lacks many players, but I am focused on the current squad, developing them for the team. They’re doing great, I’m happy about that. Of course the team has difficulties but the players are doing well, have determination, I focus on what I have in hand.”

Midfielder Stephan Schrock: “I think tomorrow’s game is a very good opportunity for us to test before the AFF Cup. Vietnam team is a very strong opponent of the tournament, so this is an opportunity to check the squad.”

I feel motivated and inspired because in the World Cup there are many old players. I focus on playing football, there are many people at this age who are still successful. I hope to play well with the Philippine team.”

The friendly match between Vietnam Team and Philippines Team will take place at 18:00 tomorrow (December 14) at Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi. Vietnam Team will play in red – red – red, while the guest Philippines team will wear white – white – white. According to FIFA regulations, each team is allowed to substitute up to 6 players in a match.

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