Head coach Park Hang-seo gets a commemorative coin of Korea

On the morning of Feb 01, Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating held an event Monday to unveil the commemorative coins at its headquarters in Mapo District, western Seoul. The coin was created to recognize Park’s contribution in enhancing Korea’s national prestige through football.

This is the first coin that is made for a football head coach. The coin has an image of Park and a Vietnamese fan cheering on one side, while the other shows the phrase “Do not bow when you have done your best,” which Park said after Vietnam came second at the U-23 Asian Championship in 2018. The phrase is written in both Korean and Vietnamese.

Gold and silver coins are available, as well as a cheaper third option.

Preorders started in Korea on Monday and will begin in Vietnam next month. Coins will be available from May. Profits from sales of the coin will be used for the development of Vietnamese youth football.

Head coach Park Hang-seo shared that “I hesitated a lot wondering whether I am eligible to receive such an honor. I heard I am the second [to receive a coin] in athletics after Kim. Kim is a world-class sports star, but I just had a minor achievement in Vietnam,” Park said at the ceremony.

“This coin has many meanings as it contains not only myself but Vietnam as well. Hopefully, the coin will act as a bridge between South Korea and Vietnam.”

According to the plan, on Feb 03, head coach Park Hang-seo and assistants come back to Vietnam. They will do the quarantine in 21 days and back to work in March.