Open the AFC Fitness Coaching Certificate Course level 2A

This morning (April 18), at Nha Trang National College of Pedagogy, the Opening Ceremony of the AFC Fitness Coaching Certificate Course level 2A took place.

  19/04/2024 09:45:49

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Gholam Reza Jahani Ghaeh Ghashlagh – FIFA/AFC Instructor, Mr. Nguyen Trung Trieu – Principal of Nha Trang National College of Pedagogy and 10 coaches from Sports clubs/centers.

Speaking at the ceremony, instructor Gholamreza Jahani said: “We have completed the Physical Fitness course level 1B/AFC and this year you are here to continue participating in this course, which shows that you are very interested in information about physical knowledge. Personally, I see that VFF as well as other federations in Asia such as Korea and Japan are making daily developments, upgrading coaches in the field of football, thereby creating strong national teams, not only in football but also Futsal teams. If you want to develop, you need to invest in education and focus on training young people.

I highly appreciate that VFF shows interest in information about physical knowledge for domestic coaches. This course will have a lot of important information about strength in football. This is the 5th time I have taught in Vietnam and am always impressed with the cities chosen to host today’s special opening ceremony. Once again, thank you to VFF and Nha Trang National College of Pedagogy for fully preparing the facilities requirements, thank you to the coaches and members of the organizing committee. Wishing everyone good health and success.”

Coach Le Quang Trai (LPBank HAGL) – class monitor, on behalf of the coaches, thanked AFC for appointing instructor Gholam to Vietnam as well as VFF for organizing the course so that coaches can acquire more knowledge, and at the same time thank Nha Trang National College of Pedagogy, the hosting unit, for creating very spacious facilities so that the coaches can study and improve their knowledge and qualifications. “On behalf of the coaches in the course, I pledge to try to study and absorb the instructor’s knowledge to return to serve the club to help its players improve their physical fitness in competition.

On behalf of the unit hosting the course, Principal Nguyen Trung Trieu expressed: “The school is very honored to receive continued trust from VFF when choosing the school as the host unit to coordinate in organizing this course, following the success of successfully organizing the A/AFC/VFF Coaching course and the 1B/AFC Physical Fitness course, the school will work with the specialized departments of VFF to ensure the requirements for good facilities. for this course to be held successfully. Today, when the whole country has a day off for Hung King’s Commemoration Day, a day that has a very sacred meaning for the Vietnamese people, the instructor and coaches are here to study, which shows that VFF always cares and places great emphasis on coach training and the spirit of continuous learning and development. I hope the coaches have a useful and successful course”.

The AFC Fitness Coaching Certificate Course level 2A was held from April 18 to April 24, 2024 at Nha Trang Central Pedagogical College.