Open the Futsal Level 2 Certificate Coaching Course 2022 in HCMC

This morning (December 13), at the Hall of Thai Son Nam Gymnasium (HCMC), the opening ceremony of the AFC Futsal Level 2 Certificate Coaching Course 2022 was held by the Asian Football Confederation in collaboration with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) and Thai Son Nam Futsal Club organized.

  14/12/2022 11:11:28

This is the next AFC futsal course from 2019 organized by VFF based on the development of Vietnam’s Futsal over the years and meeting the requirements of improving professional qualifications for Vietnamese Futsal coaches in the country.

The course was attended by 19 trainees. In which, 3 female trainees are coaches who have obtained AFC Futsal Level 1 Certificate Coaching for at least 2 years and trainees from Futsal Clubs, Sports Centers… across the country. The course is trained by AFC senior lecturer Lee Young Jin (Korea) who is the main lecturer appointed by AFC, and the assistant lecturer is AFC lecturer Ngo Le Bang.

Speaking at the ceremony, lecturer Lee Young Jin thanked the Vietnam Football Federation, Thai Son Nam Futssal Club, functional departments and assistant lecturer Ngo Le Bang for their enthusiastic cooperation in the organization of the course. “As a Futsal trainer who was sent to Vietnam by AFC to teach this course, I am very pleased and happy that I had the opportunity to contribute to the development of Futsal in Vietnam. My mission is not only to teach and impart knowledge but also to empathize, share experiences, discuss together to solve all problems in Futsal training today. We will work together, move forward together.”

Assistant Ngo Le Bang also thanked AFC and VFF for continuing to trust him to appoint him as a assistant for the course, this is the second Level 2 Futsal Coaching Course that Mr. Ngo Le Bang trusted to assign as assistant to AFC international lecturers.

On behalf of the class, monitor Nguyen Vu Anh Khoa expressed his gratitude to the Vietnam Football Federation, AFC, Thai Son Nam Club’s Board of Directors, main lecturer Lee Young Jin and assistant lecturer Ngo Le Bang for collaborating to create an opportunity for them to continue to improve their professional qualifications and update the latest Futsal training knowledge, and at the same time commit to study well and strictly abide by the regulations to complete the training.

Also at the ceremony, the representative of the host of the course, Mr. Nguyen Bao Trung – Deputy Director of Thai Son Nam Futsal Club expressed his pleasure at continuing to be entrusted by the VFF to host the course. This is the fourth time in 2022 Thai Son Nam Club is honored to host Futsal Coaching Courses. On behalf of the Club’s Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Bao Trung committed to working well with the VFF to create the best possible conditions to successfully organize the Course.

On behalf of the Vietnam Football Federation at the opening ceremony, Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien – Director of Grassroots, Coaching Education and MAs Affairs thanked AFC senior lecturer Lee Young Jin and assistant lecturer Ngo Le Bang, the club Thai Son Nam Futsal’s Board of Director jointly organize and create good conditions for trainees to learn and absorb higher training methods, after many years of accumulation and practical Futsal training since gettting a level 1 certificate.

According to the latest regulations of AFC, the course program will take place in 9 days from December 13 to December 21, 2022 at Thai Son Nam Gymnasium (Ho Chi Minh City).