Opening ceremony of C/AFC/VFF certificate coaching course in Thanh Hoa

On the morning of January 15, at Hong Duc University (Thanh Hoa City), the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) in collaboration with Thanh Hoa Football Association and Viet Hung Sports Services Joint Stock Company held the opening ceremony of C/AFC/VFF certificate coaching course.

  15/01/2024 17:54:45

Speaking at the opening ceremony, instructor Tran Duc Toan, on behalf of the course lecturers, thanked VFF for trusting him with the task: “I am very happy that VFF appointed me and instructor Dang Van Thanh to be main instructors of this course under the supervision of Technical Director Koshida Takeshi. We will convey and share new knowledge to all trainees and hope that all trainees will strive to complete and achieve the best results.”

On behalf of the class president, Nguyen Manh Dung thanked the Vietnam Football Federation, Thanh Hoa Football Association and Viet Hung Sports Services Joint Stock Company for coordinating to organize this course and promised to study seriously and absorb new knowledge to improve their skills and strive to achieve the highest results.

Also at the opening ceremony, Mr. Luu Van Manh – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Viet Hung Group, the coordinating organization, shared: “Recently, Viet Hung Sports Center coordinated with the Vietnam Football Federation to successfully organize a preliminary Futsal coaching course and this time, the Vietnam Football Federation and Thanh Hoa Football Association continue to trust and assign the task of coordinating the organization of this course. We hope this is a premise for Thanh Hoa to host more courses in the coming time, contributing to the development of this course. develop the football movement locally, and at the same time promote culture and landscapes to everyone, especially football people.”

Representative of Thanh Hoa Football Association, Mr. Pham Cam Hung – Vice President and General Secretary spoke at the ceremony: “Thanh Hoa Football Association has actively coordinated with Viet Hung Sports Center to prepare facilities to ensure meeting requirements.” In accordance with AfC and VFF regulations, on behalf of the host unit, we would like to thank VFF and wish all students good results in contributing to the recruitment and training of local youth football.

On behalf of the Vietnam Football Federation, Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien – Director of the Grassroots, Coaching Education and Affiliated MAs, deputy chairman of the organizing committee, thanked Thanh Hoa Football Association and Viet Hung Sports Center, even during the preparation time was short but coordinated with VFF to arrange facilities to meet AFC’s organizational requirements. “In recent years, VFF has paid great attention to the training of Vietnamese coaches and lecturers. This is also a course taught independently by Vietnamese instructors under the supervision of Technical Director Koshida Takeshi. VFF hopes that in the future there will be many localities throughout the country coordinating with VFF to organize courses. I also recommend and hope that during the 2 weeks of the course, trainees will seriously seize the opportunity and strive to achieve the best results. Consider this a very valuable opportunity to express yourself and absorb a lot of coaching knowledge to improve your coaching career, thereby contributing to the coaching work in your locality and club.”

The C/AFC/VFF certificate coaching course will take place from January 15 to January 27, 2024.