Opening ceremony of the AFC Futsal Level 1 Certificate Coaching Course

On the morning of May 8, at Dong Thap University, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap province, the opening ceremony of the AFC Futsal Level 1 Certificate Coaching Course took place.

  08/05/2023 17:20:01

Speaking at the ceremony, instructor Ngo Le Bang expressed his pleasure to be once again trusted by AFC and VFF to be the main instructor of this course to continue to have the conditions to make practical and meaningful contributions for the development of the Futsal grassroots in Vietnam. “The course instructors will work hard to bring the basic knowledge to the trainees and expect they to make efforts to absorb the full amount of knowledge during the 6 days of hard study and hope that after the course all trainees will apply the knowledge of Futsal training. On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the course, I would like to thank the VFF and Dong Thap University as well as the teachers of the Department of Physical Education of the school for working well with the lecturers to prepare for the course as planned and professional requirements”, said Mr. Ngo Le Bang.

On behalf of the trainees, Mr. Pham Thanh Tung – Class President also expressed his thanks to the VFF, AFC, Dong Thap University and the instructors for their permission and close cooperation to organize this course: “The course is not only the opportunities but also challenges for trainees in accessing new futsal training knowledge. Trainees are committed to making serious efforts in their studies to get good results.”

For his part, Dr. Tran Anh Hao, on behalf of the University’s leaders, sincerely thanked the VFF for trusting and cooperating with Dong Thap University.

Representative of the VFF and the Course Organizing Committee, in the opening statement of the course, Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien thanked Dong Thap University for the good cooperation with the VFF during the preparation for the Course. “Thanks to instructor Ngo Le Bang and 2 assistants who participated in teaching the course, as well as highly appreciated the Department of Physical Education of Dong Thap University for having well prepared facilities in accordance with the provisions of the VFF. and AFC in organizing the AFC team level course. Wishing all the trainees good health to strive and take advantage of this valuable opportunity to study, improve their professional skills, develop their coaching careers and contribute to the grassroots”, said Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien.

The course will take place from May 8 to May 13, 2023 at Dong Thap University, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province. This is the 3rd course ever organized by the VFF and a university to organize the AFC Futsal Level 1 course. The previous two courses were held at Van Lang University (Ho Chi Minh City) in 2020 and the University of Danang in 2021. This is also the first AFC Futsal Coaching Course of 2023 organized by the VFF with the purpose to improve the professional Futsal coaches. In addition, the course also aims to replicate the Futsal grassroots in localities across the country, attracting and meeting the learning requirement of trainees who are physical education teachers, grassroots football coaches, former athletes … wish to study to approach Futsal training methodically.

During the 6 days of the course, including theoretical and practical lessons, the trainees will be provided with information on the rules of Futsal competition, nutrition, and injury prevention for athletes. At the end of the course, trainees will undergo two theoretical exams, including Futsal rules and a topic-based practice exam, randomly drawn by trainees. They will be granted Futsal Level 1 Certificate Coaching by AFC upon completion of the exams.