Opening ceremony of the AFC Futsal level 1 coaching certificate course

On the morning of June 1, at Thai Son Nam Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City, the opening ceremony of the AFC Level 1 Futsal Coaching Certificate Course 2022 was organized by the Vietnam Football Federation and Thai Son Nam Futsal Club in collaboration with AFC.

02/06/2022 09:54:34

The delegation included Mr. Ngo Le Bang – Instructor of AFC, Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien – Director of Grassroots, Coaching Education and Affiliated MAs, and representatives of Thai Son Nam Club and trainees.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, AFC instructor Mr. Ngo Le Bang expressed his thanks to AFC, VFF, the course organizers, Thai Son Nam Club for closely coordinating to organize the course: “I am very pleased with the course. I am delighted to be appointed by AFC to train the Futsal Coaching Course in Vietnam as well as the previous 4 AFC Futsal Level 1 Coaching Certificate courses that I have taught. This is the trust but also the responsibility of the instructor in jointly developing Vietnam Futsal. Personally, I will try to work diligently, with all my heart, with high responsibility to transmit all the knowledge and experience that I have equipped to the trainees in the journey of training, striving to become a Futsal Coach. Through this, I also suggest that trainees try with all their passion, dedication and concentration to acquire knowledge and complete this course with high results.”

On behalf of the trainees, class monitor Le Tan Tiep (Futsal Sahako Club) expressed his gratitude to the Vietnam Football Federation, AFC, Thai Son Nam Club, and AFC instructor Ngo Le Bang for planning to organize a coaching course to give they the opportunity to study professionally in Futsal Coaching: “We are committed to studying well and strictly complying with the regulations of the course organizer and determined to complete the content and requirements set out in the course program to achieve the AFC Futsal Level 1 Coaching Certificate”.

Also attending the opening ceremony, Mr. Huynh Tan Quoc – representative of Thai Son Nam Futsal Club – the host of the course expressed his joy and gratitude to VFF for collaborating with VFF and instructor Ngo Le Bang. This course is organized with the aim of training Futsal coaches with knowledge and expertise to be able to initially perform the training task for the Futsal movement at the grassroots. “In view of the increasingly strict regulations of the AFC today and in the future on qualification standards in domestic and international tournaments as well as in order to improve the professional qualifications for coaches and clubs, will create the best conditions in terms of facilities and be ready to support instructor and trainees during the 6 days of the course so that the course will be successfully organized with the best results,” said Mr. Huynh Tan Quoc.

Finally, on behalf of the VFF, Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien – Director of Grassroots, Coaching Education and Affiliated MAs said: “After about a year and a half of being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, this time, VFF together with Thai Son Nam Futsal Club tried to plan and organize the AFC Futsal Level 1 Coaching Certificate Course to continue to create opportunities and meet the growing requirements of trainees from different units, sports centers, futsal clubs nationwide… can participate in learning futsal courses in particular as well as other coach training courses. Thank to AFC instructor Ngo Le Bang, course assistant Huynh Thi Thanh Khiet for accepting the invitation to train the course, as well as appreciate the Thai Son Nam Futsal Club for arranging the theoretical and practical study location. In accordance with appropriate practice, the Club’s Course Organizing Committee has closely coordinated with the VFF Course Organizer to fully prepare the necessary equipment for the course in accordance with AFC regulations. Wishing all members good health, confidence, efforts to achieve the best results according to the requirements set forth, equip themselves with the initial knowledge in futsal and also to be able to meet the conditions to participate in the AFC Futsal Level 2 Coaching Course in the future.”

The Futsal Level 1 Coaching Certificate Course is the first level of training under the AFC Futsal Coach Training System, trainees who achieve the required results will be granted a Level 1 Futsal Coach Certificate by AFC. The course program takes place in 6 days. According to AFC regulations, from June 1 to June 6, 2022 with basic contents, the focus includes theory and practice such as: Basic tactical formations in Futsal, group training criteria age, the necessary principles and skills of Futsal, tactical moves with formations, passing, receiving the ball, dribbling the ball past the opponent…

The curriculum of the training course combines theoretical, practical and exam sections of students according to related topics. Theoretical and practical lessons are held in the classroom and Gymnasium of Thai Son Nam Club in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City with the teaching of AFC instructor Mr. Ngo Le Bang, training assistant Ms. Huynh Thi Thanh Khiet . In addition, the referees appointed by the VFF Arbitration Committee will teach the Futsal competition rules.