International Friendly Tournaments

Sponsor announcement ceremony of International Tournament – Hung Thinh 2022

On the afternoon of Sep 15, at VFF’s house, the Sponsor announcement ceremony of International Tournament – Hung Thinh 2022 was organised.

The delegation included Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan – VFF Acting President; Mr. Do Manh Dung – member of the Executive Committee; Mr. Pham Ngoc Tuan – Member of the Executive Committee; Mr. Le Hoai Anh – General Secretary. On the sponsor side, the delegation included Mr. Vo Van Thu – representative of Hung Thinh Group. The ceremony had the attending of General Secretary Board, function departments, Hung Thinh’s departments and press.

With the accompany of Hung Thinh Group, the international friendly tournament organised by VFF will named as International Tournament – Hung Thinh 2022. The matches will take place at Thong Nhat Stadium, HCMC from 21 Sep to 27 Sep.

This is a part of the preparation for Vietnam National team forward to the AFF Cup 2022, which is appreciated by head coach Park Hang-seo with the participant of Singapore and India team. To help the national team to have the chance evaluating the quality, VFF decided to held the tournament in FIFA days. This will help the coaching assistants to have the best choices for national team.

Mr. Le Hoai Anh – VFF General Secretary said: “Regarding the guest team, after discussing professional issues with head coach Park Hang-seo and through international relations, VFF sent an invitation and received the consent to participate in the tournament of Singapore and India. Notably, at the recent AFF Cup 2022 draw, Singapore team was one of four teams in the same group as Vietnam. Therefore, competing against each other in the upcoming friendly tournament is also a good practice for both teams. In addition, VFF hopes that the presence of India – a strong team in South Asia – will help the tournament become more colorful, competitive and more dedicated, meeting the expectation of fans”.

Mr. Vo Van Thu – Representative of Hung Thinh Co. shared: “As the main sponsor, we believe that the international football tournament – Hung Thinh 2022 will bring exciting and fair-play matches. Thereby, the team’s coaching assistants will have the best preparation for the campaign to conquer the AFF Cup 2022. The players will also have the opportunity to improve their international competition experience and continue to contribute to the development of Vietnamese football”.

Mr. Vo Van Thu added that, recently, Hung Thinh Group and members companies such as Hung Thinh Land, TopenLand … are honored to be a companion with VFF, the national men’s and women’s football team, TopenLand Binh Dinh Club, competitions, activities, coaches and players … on the front of domestic tournaments, in Southeast Asia, Asia and the World Cup. Thereby, contributing to raising the level of football and sports in the country, raising the stature of Vietnamese football and accompanying the team to bring glory to the country. “This is the mission of the business in accompanying the country’s sports, the responsibility of the business to the society, and at the same time, our aspiration and desire to support football to overcome challenges, builds a foundation, and gathers solid resources to achieve further progress”, emphasized Mr. Vo Van Thu.

To prepare for the International Friendly Football Tournament – Hung Thinh 2022, Vietnam Team will gather on September 17, 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City. In the list of 31 players announced by the VFF, in addition to the old players who have been with the excellent team for the first time in history, participating in the third qualifying round of the FIFA World Cup 2022, head coach Park Hang-seo also gave opportunities to many young players to create depth of force towards other goals in the future of Vietnam Team.

According to the plan, Singapore team will be present in Vietnam on September 19, 2022. The team will move to Ho Chi Minh City on flight SQ178, arrives at Tan Son Nhat airport at 10:55 am on the same day.

Meanwhile, due to the first match on September 24, the Indian team will go to Vietnam later. They will move to Ho Chi Minh City on flight 6E1363, arrives at 01:10 on September 20.