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Striker Lê Minh Bình: “The key is integration with the style of the team”

Striker Lê Minh Bình argued that to score points from head coach Park Hang-seo, the players of U22 Vietnam need to quickly adapt and integrate with the general style of the team and the tactics of head coach.

After 4 days of training, U22 Vietnam had the first training matches at this gathering period on 20th Aug. Lê Minh Bình was 1 in 2 players who had the goal at these matches. However, he didn’t think that this goal helps him to score a point from head coach Park Hang-seo.

“Through the training match, the players who used to play together will have a chance to practice and compete together to get more connection. “My goal at training match was lucky, I think the goal wasn’t the most important thing to score a point from head coach Park Hang-seo. The most important is the integration and be a part of the team”. Minh Bình shared before the training session on 23rd Aug.

Lê Minh Bình is having a good performance when has 5 goals for Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu at the National Championship Division 1. At this gathering period, he will have to compete with talented players who are playing at V.League such as Danh Trung, Mạnh Dũng, or Việt Cường.

The striker also stated that “In the first time practice with Mr. Park, the exercise intensity is raising and need more force. Even head coach Park Hang-seo is very serious, he doesn’t take the pressure. My goal, as well as my teammate, is having a slot in the shortlist to play at SEA Games 31”.

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