International Friendly Tournaments

The strongest formation of U23 Vietnam won close to U20 Korea

Launching the strongest formation, U23 Vietnam had a 1-0 victory over U20 Korea in the match on April 22 at Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi.

Unlike the previous match on April 19, U23 Vietnam made remarkable adjustments in the second match with the Korean representative when launching the strongest formation.

With a formation with many national players, U23 Vietnam created a lot of remarkable pressure in the first half. After 5 minutes, Hoang Duc led the ball with his left foot, his forte into the 16m50 area and then stretched it in but the Korean U20 defender successfully blocked it. In the 13th minute, Hoang Anh sped up on the right wing and threw a model into the forbidden area. Captain Hung Dung was present to make a header, but the ball went wide of the post.

Pic: VFF (Hai Hoang)

Continuing in the 18th minute, Hoang Duc passed a quick touch to the right for Le Van Do to jump up to poke a gap for Van Tung to rush down to face the goalkeeper. Despite being followed closely by the defender, Van Tung still managed to finish the shot, causing the goalkeeper of your team to have a hard time stopping. In the 45th minute, U23 Vietnam got a goal. From an attack on the right, Hoang Anh crosses the ball unpleasantly into the 16m50 area. The Korean U20 defenders missed, letting the ball find the position of Van Tung and the young striker wearing the Hanoi club shirt to catch a high-class volley and hit the net.

Pic: Bongdaplus (Duc Cuong)

In the second half, U23 Vietnam made personnel adjustments. 54 minutes, Tien Linh received the ball in front of the penalty area. He dribbled the ball a beat and then hit a corner shot, but the ball went wide of the post. In the 61st minute, the mistake of the Korean U20 player helped Thanh Minh have the ball. This striker released it for Tien Linh to shoot, but the ball was both light and right at the position of the Korean U20 goalkeeper.

After consecutive attacks towards U20 Korea, U23 Vietnam began to be recaptured by your team. In the 81st minute, the U23 Vietnam goal was constantly threatened and only luck could help us not to concede a goal. In the last minute of injury time of the match, the Korean player took a dangerous free kick, but goalkeeper Van Chuan excellently saved Vietnam U23 a goal.

In the end, U23 Vietnam won 1-0 in the rematch with U20 Korea.