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U22 Vietnam arrived in Phnom Penh, ready to enter the 32nd SEA Games campaign

It only takes less than 1 hour to travel from Tan Son Nhat airport – Ho Chi Minh City, U22 Vietnam has arrived in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), ready to compete at the SEA Games 32.

At Phnom Penh international airport, coach Philippe Troussier’s team were warmly welcome by the host LOC. Immigration procedures are also very quick with hospitality and friendliness. The team also receives the active support of volunteers from the host country.

Before that, a VFF’s officer was come to Cambodia one day before the team arriving to work with the host country organizers on accommodation and arrange a training schedule to serve the team. Thanks to that, everything went very smoothly and quickly. It should be known that the hotel of U22 Vietnam is also the hotel to 17 men’s and women’s football teams participating in the 32nd SEA Games. Therefore, ensuring the best conditions for U22 Vietnam is really not an easily problem.

This afternoon, the team will enter the first training session in Cambodia, preparing for the opening match in Group B against U22 Laos.

Speaking to the media as soon as he arrived in Cambodia, coach Philippe Troussier said: “We have a lot of pressure on our goals in this tournament. We have pressure to play our best football. We have pressure to play good football. I hope that this pressure will help the players play with the highest spirit.”

The French military leader added: “We know that to achieve the goal, we will have to compete with 1, 2, 3, even 4 other opponents. That’s why this challenge with U22 Vietnam will be very difficult. But I think we are ready to take on this challenge. The team is practicing with great concentration. Again, we came to the 32nd SEA Games with the highest spirit, to get the best results.”

According to the plan, after settling down in Phnom Penh, the U22 Vietnam will have the first training session to prepare for the opening match against U22 Laos on April 30. Coach Philippe Trroussier’s training ground is located about 20 minutes from the hotel by bus.


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