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U22 Vietnam come back home with a bronze medal at the 32nd SEA Games, aiming for new goals

Today (May 17), U22 Vietnam come back home after finishing their journey at the 32nd SEA Games with a bronze medal in men’s football. The team departed on a flight from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City at 14:10, then divided into groups to return to the club. The group returned to Hanoi and arrived at Noi Bai airport at 20:15 on the same day.

Before saying goodbye to the players, head coach Philippe Troussier gave encouragement to the whole team towards the future ahead. The French military leader emphasized, when the final match at the 32nd SEA Games ended, it is also the time to mark the beginning for U22 Vietnam, towards new goals. He said: “I believe that what we gain from this tournament is your confidence. What you do, I believe, is a good premise for us to look to the future. Now you will be returning to the club to get ready for the upcoming tournaments and I will always follow you.”

VFF General Secretary Duong Nghiep Khoi welcomes the team in the airport

VFF Vice President Tran Anh Tu, as the manager of the U22 Vietnam at the 32nd SEA Games, on behalf of the VFF Standing Committee thanked coach Philippe Troussier and the U22 Vietnam players for their best efforts at the SEA Games 32. Although there was not much time to get used to the new playstyle and faced pressure from fans’ expectations, U22 Vietnam still showed the great spirit, especially the gradual improvement over each game. In the context of such difficulties, winning the bronze medal can also be considered a success of U22 Vietnam at this tournament”.

Mr. Tran Anh Tu also encouraged the players when they returned to the club to continue to practice and compete for the opportunity to play in professional tournaments, ready for the reunion with new tasks, including  the international Panda Cup in China next June.

This is a tournament for youth football that has been held annually since 2014. After being interrupted for 2 years by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the Panda Cup is restarted with the participation of 4 U22 teams, including hosts China, Bahrain, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

With the above-mentioned high-quality participants, the 2023 Panda Cup is considered a very useful rehearsal for the U22 Vietnam in the preparation for the 2024 Asian U23 Qualifier and the 19th Asiad on September 2023.

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