Men's U22/U23/ Olympic National Team

U22 Vietnam reduced the pressure, prepare for the important tests

In the morning of Sep 20, U22 Vietnam relieved of pressure with gentle exercises, mainly to help the players relax their muscles and recover after the internal match with the national team yesterday afternoon.

Even having favor condition during the gathering periods, the COVID-19 also affected U22 Vietnam, which included the difficulty in organise the friendly matches. However, as the evaluation of head coach Park Hang-seo, this does not create a big problem for the team and the coaching assistants also have the best solution.

U22 Vietnam will continue to practice every day at Vietnam Youth Football Training Centre. In this week, head coach Park Hang-seo will set two internal matches between U22 Vietnam and the national team on Sep 22 and Sep 26. These will be two important tests for U22 Vietnam to find out the shortlist of U23 Asian Cup 2022.

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