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U23 Vietnam completed the training period in March 2023, towards the 32nd SEA Games

This morning (March 30), the U23 Vietnam returned to Hanoi after completing the U23 international Cup in Doha, Qatar. This is the tournament that is considered to be the last “test” in the training period in March 2023 by coach Philippe Troussier and his players.

As reported, in order to prepare for important goals in 2023, the U23 Vietnam had a focus and training session divided into 4 phases in March 2023. In phase 1, U23 Vietnam focused on training from March 1 to March 7, with the main purpose of helping the new head coach and his associates to review and evaluate the quality of the players to prepare for the upcoming gathering.

In phase 2, U23 Vietnam gathered at the same time as the national team, from March 8 to March 12, with the force reduced from the list concentrated in phase 1. This phase mainly helps new head coach conveys the gameplay, tactics applied to the team, and continues to evaluate the force for the next gathering.

The third focus phase of the U23 Vietnam starts from March 12 and ends on March 17. Just like the gathering in phase 2, the team’s force continued to be shortened and added some excellent faces of U20 Vietnam who had just competed in the U20 Asian Cup. With this force, the team was trained with more in-depth lesson plans and had a practice match with Phu Tho Club.

The fourth stage of concentration will also be the final gathering period in March 2023 of the U23 Vietnam. This phase lasted 12 days, from March 18 to March 29 with the players almost already shaped for the 32nd SEA Games. During this training period, U23 Vietnam participated in the U23 international Cup in Doha and played 3 matches against rivals U23 Iraq, U23 UAE and U23 Kyrgyzstan.

This is a tournament highly appreciated by coach Philippe Troussier in terms of quality, because U23 Vietnam’s opponents are all very strong. This will help him and his associates have a clearer view of the advantages and disadvantages of the players, thereby making adjustments in the next training period.

When asked if he regrets accepting the invitation to participate in the U23 Cup, the first tournament as the head coach of the U23 Vietnam national team, and will certainly face many disadvantages under pressure from the public. Because the possibility of losing a match is predictable when facing very strong opponents, coach Philippe Troussier replied: “I have no regrets after 3 defeats in this U23 Cup. The players of U23 Vietnam really have not played much in the past 6 months. They have not been in the best state, the highest performance when gathering on U23 Vietnam. So for me and the coaching staff, the U23 Cup is a place for players to experience and have the opportunity to play big matches with big opponents. From these matches, they will learn many lessons for themselves, knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are. I said, to get great lessons will have to pay a heavy price. It should be emphasized, U23 Vietnam is still going step by step towards the SEA Games”.

Regarding the upcoming plan, coach Philippe Troussier said: “After the U23 Cup, the players will return to the host club. I hope during the professional tournament, they will be able to play in the V.League 1 or 2. From there, they will maintain their form, fitness, and ball feeling. I will see them again in 3 weeks, scheduled for April 17 to prepare for the important period towards the 32nd SEA Games.”

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