Defender Nguyen Thanh Chung mentions the most dangerous player of U22 Indonesia

According to defender Nguyen Thanh Chung, the player with the number 20 of Indonesia is the most dangerous player to U22 Vietnam at the match coming.

29/11/2019 16:55:09


                                                                           Defender Nguyen Thanh Chung answers press

The player who mentioned by Nguyen Thanh Chung is striker Osvaldo Haay. He used to be a substitute before joined in the game and have 1 goal as well as 1 pass ball to help U22 Indonesia win over U22 Singapore at the last night match. At the first game with U22 Thailand, Osvaldo had also started playing at the beginning of the second half and had the final goal brought the victory 2-0 for U22 Indonesia. “I focus on the player 20 of Indonesia. At U23 AFC Championship 2020 Qualifier, I hadn’t had the chance to face this player. In my opinion, he is a player who is good at speed and ability”. Thanh Chung said.

                Head coach Park Hang-seo directly instructed Thanh Chung on how to move at the training session this morning.

The match between Vietnam and Indonesia at all levels always dramatically. At U23 AFC Championship 2020 Qualifier, U23 Vietnam also faced a lot of structure to defeat Indonesia by the only goal of Trieu Viet Hung at the last minute of the match. However, in the coming match at this SEA Games, defender Nguyen Thanh Chung feels confident about the ability of Vietnam’s strikers. “At U23 AFC Championship 2020 Qualifier, we were difficult in finding the goal but at this moment, the attack of U22 Vietnam has improved and will have the goal to defeat u22 Indonesia”. Thanh Chung affirmed.

      With experience in playing football and physical advantages, Thanh Chung is considered a reliable defender of U22 Vietnam

Before becoming one of the key players of U22 Vietnam, defender Thanh Chung had a long time at a substitute position. Talk about this, Thanh Chung said all players have to try day by day and when having the chance, they have to catch and play well.

U22 Vietnam will meet U22 Indonesia at 19:00 on 1st Dec at Rizal Memorial stadium. If can get the victory, the chance to go in the next round will be closer.

Images of U22 Vietnam training session this morning