SEA Games 30: Information about Women’s National Team in Manila (Philippines) on 23rd Nov

On the first day in Manila, the women players were able to get familiar with the weather conditions and had the first training session on today afternoon (23 Nov).

23/11/2019 23:33:41

Women’s National Team is now staying at WhiteWoods hotel which 50km far from Manila. This is a 3-star hotel with local foods. The foods are not bad but not plentiful. This hotel is also the hotel for the other 2 teams of Group A (Myanmar and host Philippines). The weather in Manila is quite hot with the average temperature is 25 to 29 degrees.

After one day of moving, the Women’s National Team had one night to relax and recovery.

Head coach Mai Duc Chung lets the players exercise lightly in the morning at the hotel to get familiar with the local weather. The team was set the first training session on the same day afternoon, however, because of some reason, head coach Mai Duc Chung decided to choose another stadium which is not too far from the hotel. In this training session, head coach Mai Duc Chung focuses on the exercise with a ball, teamwork and dividing into 2 teams to practice.

Follow the plan, the Women’s National Team will continue to have the next training session at 8 a.m tomorrow morning (24th Nov) at the official stadium Binan which takes 45 minutes by car from the hotel (in case the traffic is good). To make sure about the moving time of the teams, the organiser also sets the guide car for all teams during the training period.

On 25th Nov, the organiser will hold the technical meeting and press conference at the WhiteWoods hotel. Head coach Mai Duc Chung and his assistant will join in a press conference of Group B at 12:45 p.m.

At 16 p.m on 26th Nov, the Women’s National Team will have the start game with Thailand in Binan stadium. The final match of this round is the match against Indonesia at 16 p.m on 29 Nov.