VFF General Secretary Le Hoai Anh: “VFF actively follow the football teams to create the most favorable conditions”

We had an interview with Mr. Le Hoai Anh – General Secretary of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) about the issues of the 2 Vietnam Football teams at SEA Games 30.

26/11/2019 15:27:01

On 26th Nov, the Women’s National team will start their journey at SEA Games 30, VFF had actively prepared the most favorable conditions for the team. Women’s team, as well as U22 Vietnam, arrived in Manila (Philippines) on 22nd Nov 2019. In the first days in the Philippines, the team had to face some problems however VFF has promptly handled. We had a discussion with VFF General Secretary Le Hoai Anh about the issues related to the transport, eating, and hotel of both teams.

– Dear sir, about the information related to the comment of 2 football teams about the issues in the Philippines, does VFF anticipate and have a plan to handle it promptly?

Mr. Le Hoai Anh: VFF had anticipated some problem which can happen. Football is the vanguard, therefore, we have sent more officers to join in the delegation to take care of the players. Not only that, after the match with Malaysia on 10th Oct 2019, VFF sent 2 officers are Mr. Doan Anh Tuan (Chairman of National Team Department) and Mr. Mai Anh Hoang (Deputy Chairman of Training Department) to Manila. They also are the officers who come to Manila before the team to ensure all the conditions for the players. These officers are the supervisor of AFC so they have experience and also know about the necessary conditions for the teams and the issues which the organizer has to provide due to the international regulations.

In my opinion, in the first days, the operation of the host country has not been smooth and the food quality has not met the requirements of each team. However, after received the information from both teams, especially the women’s team, VFF has asked the officers to discuss with the hotel to add more food since 2 days ago. The doctors who go with the team also have the responsibility to check and request if there is something needs to change to ensure the nutrition for the players. Besides that, VFF also allows the team proactive supplement nutrients, energy as proposed by the doctor to ensure the health requirements for the players.

– Does it mean that even the hotel hasn’t provided enough condition, Vietnam Women’s Football Team has also been proactively adjusted by VFF to ensure necessary nutrition?

Mr. Le Hoai Anh: Definitely. VFF’s officers who going with the teams have the responsibility to follow and report regularly. According to that, we will send the report for the Vietnam Sports Delegation.

At this moment, all 6 teams who participated in Women’s Football at SEA Games 30 are staying in WhiteWoods hotel and follow the nutrition plan of the organizer. VFF will follow and timely adjustments to create the most favorable conditions for both teams.

– Thank you.