AFC Futsal Championship 2020 is postponed

AFC has just email to 12 federations who have the team joins in the AFC Futsal Championship 2020 about the delay of the tournament due to the situation of the acute respiratory tract inflammation (nCoV).

  03/02/2020 23:18:49

In the email, AFC General Secretary Dato’ Windsor John emphasized that due to the current Coronavirus situation, after the discussion of all relevant stakeholders, to ensure the safety for the teams as well as the cooperation, AFC decided to delay the AFC Futsal Championship 2020 until the next notification. AFC will continue to follow and announce the new timeline of the tournament when the situation stabilises. .

Hence, AFC Futsal Championship 2020 won’t kick-off as the last plan (from 26th Feb to 8th Mar 2020) at Turkmenistan. To prepare for the tournament, the Vietnamese Futsal team gathered on 6th Jan with 3 periods in which there is a training camp in Spain from 9th Feb to 20th Feb.

After received the information of AFC, the assistant coaching of the Futsal National Team met and discussed about the plan. Assistant Huynh Tan Quoc said the team will keep the plan of the training camp in Spain, after that, the team will come back to Vietnam and continue to practice until the next information from AFC.