The Vietnam futsal team excitedly kicked off the 2024 Asian Futsal

Today, March 11, the Vietnam futsal team entered the first day of training towards the 2024 Asian Futsal Cup. Coach Giustozzi Diego Raul and his team appeared very excited and determined to realize their target is the third-time in history to participate in the Futsal World Cup.

  14/03/2024 10:19:04

During this gathering, the Vietnam futsal team summoned a total of 19 players. The good news is that after 3 matches in the 2024 National Futsal Championship, most of the players are in the best physical condition. Only pivo Minh Tri is injured and has to practice his own session.

Responding to the press before the team entered the first training session, coach Giustozzi Diego Raul said that his goal during the preparation period is to further perfect what the players have been honing over the past 2 years. “Our job in this gathering is to continue what we have prepared over the past 2 years. The Vietnam futsal team played well in the recent Asian qualifiers, so at least we have to maintain that because we have been preparing for 2 years now. The important thing is to improve each individual, playing style like how fixo should play, how ala and pivo should play. Of course, the players have also improved a lot in recent times, but they need to improve even more. All are aimed at one goal, which is to gather into a complete team. You imagine this, each good individual will become a good team.”

According to coach Giustozzi Diego Raul, the fact that the National Futsal Championship took place in 3 matches brought many benefits to the team’s professional work, helping the coaching staff evaluate performance, personality, and character on the field. of each player to be summoned to the team’s list.

The Argentine coach also evaluated the significance of the 2024 international futsal tournament, which will take place from March 28 to March 31, with the participation of the Vietnamese team and 3 very quality teams, Iran, Morocco and New Zealand. “I thank the Vietnam Football Federation for organizing an international friendly tournament with strong, top teams in the world and each participating in the Futsal World Cup. I told the Vietnam Football Federation that we must play against strong teams to help the athletes improve and from there the whole team can improve. This tournament is a great opportunity to evaluate the players’ abilities,” said coach Giustozzi Diego Rau.

Talking about the group at the upcoming 2024 Asian Futsal Cup, the head coach of the Vietnam futsal team commented: “This group is very interesting. Thailand is a candidate, has a high level, has participated in the World Cup and has a home stadium. China and Myanmar have made rapid progress. All teams that qualified for the finals are strong. But the important thing is how the Vietnam futsal team prepares and handles each match.”

For his part, team captain Pham Duc Hoa said that setting the goal of winning a ticket to the Futsal World Cup for the third time is a big pressure but he and his teammates will try their best. “Every time gathering all has pressure. The pressure this time is even greater as we are aiming for the third time to win tickets to the Futsal World Cup. We will try to do the best we can,” the new Vietnam Futsal Golden Ball affirmed.

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