International friendly: Vietnam futsal team played hard against Hungary futsal team

On September 17, the Vietnam futsal team had a friendly match against the Hungary futsal team at Lanh Binh Thang Stadium (HCMC). In the end, the home players lost 1-4 to a physically superior opponent from Europe.

  18/09/2023 22:11:13

Because this is a friendly match and an opportunity to test positions, coach Giustozzi has launched a squad with many new faces called up to the national team. Standing in the goal is goalkeeper Nguyen Huu Phuc of Sanvinest Sanna Khanh Hoa instead of the familiar face Ho Van Y. Tu Minh Quang, Dinh Cong Vien, Dao Minh Quang are also in the starting lineup. This shows that the Argentine coach wants to create conditions for players who do not have much experience to experience top matches. Next, he wants to test a new way of playing for the futsal team, specifically flexibility in moving from defense to attack.

After the opening whistle, the home team played excitedly with the cheers of the fans. The Vietnam futsal team played coherently, with many notable coordination phases. From Minh Quang, Thai Huy or pivo Minh Tri all have their own dangerous opportunities. Unfortunately, they have not been able to take advantage of it. Attacking a lot but not scoring a goal, the Vietnam futsal team had to pay the price. In the 13th minute, Vas Adam skillfully handled the ball and scored a dangerous shot to open the score for the Hungary futsal team. After the loss, both teams continued to choose a dedicated style of play, but no more goals were scored after 20 minutes of official play.

Entering the second half, the Hungary futsal team suddenly accelerated and they got what they needed. In the 21st minute, Pal Patrik took a beautiful free kick to double the gap for the away team. A few minutes later, Droth Zoltan had a favorable pass for Kelvin to widen the gap to 3 goals. With nothing left to lose, Vietnam’s futsal team rose up strongly and boldly applied the power-play strategy. Coach Diego Giustozzi and his team had an honorable goal thanks to Minh Tri and lost another goal when Vas Adam took advantage of his opportunity. In the end, Vietnam futsal team lost to Hungary futsal team with a score of 1-4.

On September 19, the Vietnam futsal team will have another international friendly match against the Russian futsal team at Lanh Binh Thang Stadium (HCMC).


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