Vietnam futsal team travels for training and friendly matches in South America

On the evening of May 31, Vietnam futsal team with 16 players under the leadership of head coach Giustozzi Diego Raul took a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to South America, for a training camp with two destinations: Paraguay and Argentina.

  01/06/2023 11:47:33

Before leaving for South America to train, Vietnam futsal team had practiced since May 8 at Thai Son Nam Gymnasium, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. In this gathering, the team has the coming back of goalkeeper Nguyen Hoang Anh (Sahako) and two new recruits for the first time, goalkeeper Nguyen Huu Phuc (Sanvinest Khanh Hoa) and Ala Tran Nhat Trung (Sahako). In addition, three young players also caught the eye of coach Giustozzi Diego Raul, including goalkeeper Luu Thanh Bao (Sahako), fixo Dinh Cong Vien (Sahako) and pivo Nguyen Van Tuan (Thai Son Bac).

However, after two friendly matches against Solomon Islands futsal team on May 25 and 26, 3 of the above players could not stay with the team when coach Giustozzi Diego Raul conducted a review and assessment to select 16 players for the training tour in South America. Those are goalkeepers Luu Thanh Bao, Nguyen Huu Phuc and Ala Tran Nhat Trung.

At the upcoming South American training tour, the first destination of the Vietnamese futsal team will be Paraguay. During the training period here, the team will play 3 friendly matches against the Paraguayan futsal team (June 4, 6 and 8) before moving to the second training site, Argentina.

In Argentina, coach Giustozzi Diego Raul’s team will have 3 more quality friendly matches against the host country’s futsal team, on June 10, 12 and 14 respectively.

Competing against high-class opponents like Paraguay and Argentina will be a very good opportunity for Vietnamese futsal players to improve their skills. This is also a great effort of the VFF in making a key investment, ensuring that Vietnam’s futsal team has the best preparation for the 2024 Asian Cup qualifier, which will take place in October.

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