Vietnam futsal team looks forward to the 2024 AFC Futsal Asian Cup qualifier with many new factors

Today (January 9), Vietnam futsal team gathered for the first time in 2023 to look forward to the 2024 AFC Futsal Asian Cup Qualifier, which will take place from October 2 to October 13, 2023.

  10/01/2023 15:30:10

Unlike previous versions, from the 2024 AFC Futsal Asian Cup qualifier, all teams will be drawn to divide the group and participate in a single qualifying round instead of being divided into 4 regions: Southeast Asia, South Asia & Central Asia, East Asia, and West Asia. This also means that the Southeast Asian futsal championship is no longer as decisive to the ticket to the Asian Futsal Cup as before.

Therefore, in order to help head coach Giustozzi have the best preparation in terms of force and build a play style for the team towards the goal of qualifying to the 2024 AFC Futsal Asian Cup and aiming to compete for the 2024 FIFA futsal World Cup, VFF has created conditions for the team to be able to gather in different phases in 2023.

The first training camp started from January 9 to February 15 with a total of 23 players, including many new players and young players, such as Tran Tuyen, Nguyen Tran Duy of Saigon FC, Hoang Sy Linh, Nguyen Van Tuan of Thai Son Bac, Nguyen Van Co Phat Con of Cao Bang, Dinh Cong Vien, Tran Quang Toan, Luu Thanh Bao of Sahako, Duong Ngoc Linh of Thai Son Nam…

Obviously, the new head coach Giustozzi is trying to create a new thing into the Vietnamese futsal team, thereby creating motivation for the players and gradually building the next team to look to the future.

According to the plan, Vietnam futsal team will practice at Thai Son Nam Sports Center – District 8 (HCMC) until February 15. After this time, the players will be returned to the host club to prepare for the 2023 National futsal tournament, which will start in March 2023.

The next gathering of the team will take place in April 2023. This is also a pivotal time for the team with a long training and friendly match in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.



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