Continental Futsal Championship 2022: Vietnam vs Finland: 2-4

On the afternoon of September 12, Vietnam futsal team had the opening match at the 2022 Continental Futsal Championship. Against the Finland team, which was higher appreciated, the team of head coach Giustozzi Diego Raul had a good performance in the first half with 2 goals ahead, but lost the final with a score of 2-4.

  13/09/2022 09:58:17

Partially understanding the opponent’s playstyle after watching the first round, Vietnam Team entered the game with a relaxed mentality, creating a pretty good game right from the first minutes. However, with the advantage in physical strength, the Finnish players still mantain better pressure. However, with a reasonable defensive tactics and the excellence of goalkeepper Ho Van Y, Vietnam Team still stands firm against the attacking situations of opponent team.

The game suddenly changed in the 17th minute. From a kick on the left wing, when realised that Tran Thai Huy had a good space, captain Pham Duc Hoa quickly pass to Thai Huy cushioned the ball to hit the Finnish net, opening the score for Vietnam. In the 19th minute, after a good situation of stealing the ball, Thinh Phat passed two players from the opponent team and opened up the opportunity to face the goalkeeper, forcing the opponent to have 2 fouls from behind in a row, leading to a penalty. 10m free kick without fence for Vietnam Team. Nhan Gia Hung is the one who successfully performed the kick, doubling the difference for Vietnam Team. The first half ended with a score of 2-0.

In the second half, in the situation of being led by 2 goals, Finland poured out strong pressure on the Vietnamese side. In the 21st minute, the opponent was awarded a direct free kick from a distance of about 9m right in the middle of the goal area. Player number 14 of Finland team hit a dangerous shot that hit goalkeeper Pham Van Tu – the player was given the opportunity to replace Ho Nhu Y to hold the goal. On the momentum of excitement, Finland continued to get a goal from a corner kick in the 26th minute, bringing the game back to balance. In the last minutes of the game, Vietnam Team committed the 6th foul, but the Finland team could not score on the 10m free kick before Ho Van Y’s good save. 38 minutes, Finland team has a goal to lead 3-2 still from a chaotic situation in front of the goal.

Being led, head coach Diego decided to all in with powerplay tactics with Le Quoc Nam and Nguyen Manh Dung respectively as goalkeepers. However, when it was not possible to create a clear opportunity, in the last seconds, Vietnam Team had to receive another goal from the opportunity and scored from the opponent’s side.

It can be seen that, despite losing the match, the new head coach Diego brought a flourish in both attack and defense for Vietnam. However, he will have to help the team improve their defensive weaknesses before entering a more difficult match, meeting the strongest futsal team in Asia – Iran at 5pm on September 13.


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