The Vietnam futsal team drew with New Zealand in the opening match at the 2024 International Futsal Championship

On the afternoon of March 28, at Lanh Binh Thang Stadium – Ho Chi Minh City, the first match of the 2024 International Futsal Tournament took place. In the opening match, the Vietnam futsal team drew with the New Zealand futsal team with a score of 2-2.

  29/03/2024 16:23:59

This is a tournament to kick off the 2024 Futsal Asian Cup campaign of the Vietnam futsal team. Therefore, coach Giustozzi Diego Raul took the opportunity to test the personnel right in the starting group, with the presence of Huu Phuc in the goal guard position, along with Anh Duy, Minh Quang, and Doan Phat.

Playing under the enthusiastic support of the home audience, the Vietnam team entered the game confidently and coordinated attacks at high speed. The opportunity came right in the first minute when Doan Phat had a favorable pass, unfortunately, Minh Quang missed a beat.

Subsequent personnel and tactical adjustments by coach Giustozzi Diego Raul continued to be effective, making it almost impossible for the away team to get the ball into Huu Phuc’s goal. However, it was not until the 9th minute that Van Tien was able to break the balance after a cover phase and then turned and finished with his left foot, giving the Vietnam futsal team a 1-0 lead. However, the changes after that made the Vietnam team somewhat lose focus on defense. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Rahan Ali equalized 1-1 for New Zealand after a fairly simple finish.

In the following developments, the Vietnam team still maintained a good offensive position and scored a goal to increase the score to 2-1. From a well-coordinated phase, Duc Hoa passed the ball as a “ready to serve” for Thai Huy to delicately shoot past goalkeeper Antamanov.

In the second half, a surprise happened when New Zealand scored a goal to equalize 2-2. In this situation, Minh Quang let Sharplin pass easily before reaching the far post for Rahan Ali to score a double. In the remaining minutes, the away team mainly played defense and waited for a chance to counterattack. Meanwhile, the Vietnam team, despite putting a lot of pressure on the opponent’s side, could not put the ball into the net. Nearly the last 5 minutes, the Vietnam team decided to play a power-play. Opportunities were created, but Thinh Phat and Duc Hoa both let them go.

The final result was a draw between Vietnam and New Zealand with a score of 2-2. On March 30, the Vietnam team will meet Morocco, the team that made a strong impression when defeating Iran with a score of 5-4 in the previous match.

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