Vietnam futsal team returns home

On the evening of April 27, the Vietnam futsal team took a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, ending the journey at the 2024 AFC Asian Futsal Cup.

  02/05/2024 11:54:02

After stopping in the play-off round to compete for tickets to the 2024 Futsal World Cup against Kyrgyzstan on the afternoon of April 26, the leaders of the Vietnam futsal team carried out the necessary procedures for Mr. Diego Giustozzi and his team to return to Vietnam. The flight taking the Vietnam futsal team departed from Bangkok at 8:20 p.m on April 27 and landed at Tan Son Nhat airport at 9:35 p.m. Immediately after arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, members in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas returned home to rest. Some members of the Vietnam futsal team in Hanoi flew directly from Bangkok to the capital.

At the end of the journey at the 2024 Asian Futsal Cup, the players will rest for a while, then return to focus on the club to prepare for the 2024 National Futsal Championship, which will start again in early June. Previously, the 2024 National Futsal Championship took place for 3 rounds and was paused to allow the Vietnam Futsal Team to focus on preparing for the continental playground.

At the 2024 Asian Futsal Cup, Vietnam futsal team finished the group stage with 4 points, ranked second in Group A behind Thailand futsal team and won a ticket to the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals, Mr. Diego Giustozzi’s team unfortunately lost to the Uzbekistan futsal team with a score of 1-2 after having a leading goal, so they had to play-off to compete for the 2024 Futsal World Cup. Played very hard, created many opportunities to score goals but unfortunately Vietnam futsal team lost with a narrow score of 2-3 against Kyrgyzstan.

Regarding the Vietnam futsal team, before the team leaves to attend the 2024 Asian Futsal Cup, the Vietnam Football Federation decided to extend the contract with Vietnam futsal coach Diego Giustozzi (Argentinian) until April 2026.

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