Vietnam National Futsal team finished PTT Thailand Five 2019 as the runner-up

15th Dec, Vietnam’s team had the final match at the Futsal PTT Thailand Five 2019. The opponent of the team was host Thailand – one of the strongest team of the tournament.

  16/12/2019 10:20:25

Vietnam’s team had good performance in the match with Thailand

After 2 rounds, Vietnam had 4 scores with 1 draw 1-1 in the match with Guatemala and 1 victory 3-1 over Oman. While Thailand had 2 wins over Guatemala (6-1) and Oman (11-0). Therefore the match between Vietnam and Thailand would decide who the owner of the championship is.

At this match, host Thailand has received a better evaluation because they are the strongest futsal team in the region. In fact, the situation in the match had shown that Thailand’s team had better coverage and also created more chances than Vietnam’s team. However, because of the focusing of Vietnam’s team, Thailand’s players could not make a score in the first half.

In the second half, the tempo of the match was raised. Host Thailand took the initiative and had 3 goals. However, Vietnam’s team did not give up and tried to play better. 8 minutes before the end of the game, Dang Van Tai narrowed the deficit.

Vietnam’s team becomes the runner-up of the tournamnet

Cannot come back from a goal down, Vietnam’s team finished the tournament at the Top 2. The winner is host Thailand with 3 victories. Player Le Quoc Nam (VIE) and the player 11 of Thailand had become the Top scorer of the tournament with 2 goals.

Le Quoc Nam is the Top Scorer

PTT Thailand Five 2019 is the tournament that takes place in the plan of Vietnam for the AFC Futsal Championship 2020. The force of Vietnam at this tournament was not the strongest team, therefore, Vietnam needs to give more chances for young players to improve their ability.

After finished the PTT Thailand Five 2019, Vietnam’s team will come back to Vietnam and back to their club to play in the tournament at Ho Chi Minh City. The team will gather in January 2020 to join AFC Futsal Championship 2020. Before going to Turkmenistan, Vietnam’s team will have a training program in Spain.

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