Head coach Giustozzi Diego Raul hopes Vietnam Team has good performance at Continental Futsal Championship 2022

After arriving in Thailand, Vietnam futsal team has actively trained to prepare for the opening match at the friendly tournament Continental Futsal Championship 2022. This tournament is highly appreciated by coach Giustozzi Diego Raul for the quality with the participation of high-class teams. This will help him and the team prepare well for the 2022 AFC Futsal Championship.

  12/09/2022 09:19:34

At the pre-press conference, head coach Giustozzi Diego Raul was delighted to see the legendary Iranian futsal – coach Shamsaei. He said: “First of all, I feel very happy to meet Vahid Shamsaei – Iranian futsal legend – Currently head coach of Iran futsal team, my old friend. As for the tournament, I think this is a good opportunity for us to prepare for the Asian tournament ahead. I want to see how my players play, how tactically they play, how each player plays independently, so that I can make the best choices for the players in the next important target”.

In the opening match, Vietnam futsal team plays against Finland, the opponent is considered equally and competes directly for the chance to the semi-finals, meanwhile, the other team in this group is Iran too strong, Mr. Giustozzi Diego Raul said: “About Finland team, I watched and knew how well they played at the recent European Futsal Championship. Vietnam has the advantage of watching the match between Finland and Iran (a strong team in Asia) in the first match, this is an opportunity for us to study their play style. Moreover, with an experienced head coach like Sergio Gargelli, I believe that Finland will be a formidable opponent.”

Head coach Giustozzi Diego Raul added: “We haven’t had many opportunities to compete in recent times, so I think this will be an opportunity for the whole team to play in an official tournament. I hope we will play well and can play up to 4 matches (qualify to the semi-finals). We will strive for this goal.”

According to the match schedule, Vietnam team will face Finland at 5:00 p.m on September 12. After that, coach Diego Giustozzi’s team will face the Iran team at 5:00 p.m on September 13.