Vietnam futsal team continued to win 5-0 in the second leg friendly against Solomon Islands futsal team

In the rematch one day after the first leg, Vietnam futsal team continued to have a 5-0 victory over Solomon Islands futsal team.

  29/05/2023 10:29:28

This result is not surprising because in the match yesterday, the players of coach Giustozzi Diego Raul also defeated the team with the same score 5-0.

However, the winning or losing in a friendly match is not the main goal of the two teams. It is important that both Vietnam and Solomon Islands have had the necessary tests in terms of personnel and gameplay towards the official tournaments in the near future.

In fact, in the second leg, coach Giustozzi Diego Raul continued to create opportunities for all players to enter the field and at the same time shuffle personnel in the teams. Despite testing the squad, but Vietnam futsal team still created an overwhelming game and scored 2 goals in the first half. The players who scored for Vietnam futsal team were Tu Minh Quang and Thinh Phat.

In the second half, the Vietnam futsal team still maintained an overwhelming position. In the 25th minute, Junior Mana on Solomon’s side used his hand to block the ball illegally in the penalty area. This helped coach Giustozzi’s team enjoy a penalty kick and Nguyen Minh Tri easily defeated the opponent’s goalkeeper to raise the score to 3-0.

In the 35th minute, Solomon committed the 6th synthetic foul, so the Vietnam futsal team was awarded a 10m penalty. Van Tuan made a neat shot, giving the home team a 4-0 lead. Less than 2 minutes later, Minh Tri completed a double after a situation where he dribbled the ball from the right side to the middle to finish successfully.

In the remaining minutes, Solomon poured into power-play but could not score and accepted a 0-5 defeat.

At the end of 2 friendly matches against Solomon Islands, Vietnam futsal team continued to practice at Thai Son Nam Gymnasium, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. By May 31, coach Giustozzi Diego Raul will finalize the list of 16 players for the training tour in South America.

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