Vietnam futsal team ends the first training session with a positive change in fitness

Today (February 15), Vietnam futsal team ended the first gathering in 2023 to prepare for the 2024 Futsal Asian Cup Qualifier. After more than a month of training at Thai Son Nam Gymnasium – District 8 (HCMC), the whole team has completed the set goal when achieving positive changes in fitness.

  16/02/2023 16:12:37

Although the race at the 2024 Futsal Asian Cup Qualifiers will not start until October, the VFF has created conditions for the team to gather on different phases in 2023, thereby helping the new head coach Giustozzi Diego Raul builds up his team as well as trains his team’s playstyle. At the first gathering in 2023, the Argentine strategist soon made a mark when he decided to summon a lot of new factors and young players. This has created an atmosphere of excitement and positive competition in the team as all players strive to show their abilities to be on the final shortlist.

Because there is still a long time to prepare for the continental arena, at this gathering, head coach Giutozzi Diego Raul has given priority to improving the players’ physical foundation, alternating between that is the content of practicing martial arts as well as creating a connection between new and senior players. In the view of coach Giustozzi Diego Raul, improving fitness is the core factor to help the Vietnam Team catch up with the very high intensity of competition when participating in the continental arena. During past military training, he always emphasized to his players: “When facing strong opponents at the Asian level, we may lose in terms of scores, but we must not be inferior in spirit and fitness”.

After today’s final training session, the players returned to the host club to prepare for the 2023 National futsal Championship, which will start in March. This is also an opportunity for coach Giustozzi Diego Raul to observe and evaluate the performance of key players as well as look for new faces to add to the team list.

The next gathering of the team will take place in April 2023. This is also a pivotal time for the team with a long training and friendly match in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

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