Vietnam Futsal team had a good performance but could not create a surprise against Iran team

In the last match of Group B of the Continental futsal Championship 2022, which took place on the afternoon of September 13, Vietnam Team did not create a surprise against Iran – the No. 1 futsal team in Asia. However, the performance of the players showed a positive face of the Vietnamese team under the leadership of the new head coach Diego.

  14/09/2022 16:13:02

In the past, Vietnam futsal team lost to the number 1 team in Asia and ranked 6 in the world with different scores. For example, in the 2016 Asian futsal semi-final, Vietnam Team lost to Iran with a score of 1-13. Although there have been many advances in recent years, the gap in qualifications between Vietnam futsal and Iran futsal is still not easy to fill. Therefore, in the match at the 2022 Continental futsal Championship, the spectator waited for the Vietnamese players to show their ability in front of the Iran, who is the championship candidate rather than expecting a surprise results.

The reality on the field has also shown the dominance of Iranian players. However, coach Diego’s team showed a very strong and confident competitive spirit. Although lost 1-0, but the players of Vietnam Team still organized quite well the gameplay and maintained high concentration. Subsequent efforts of Vietnam Team were rewarded with a 1-1 equalizer at the beginning of the second half. That was the situation where Le Quoc Nam and Doan Phat organized a pressing to steal the ball in the opponent’s area, opening the opportunity for Thinh Phat to finish with one touch.

But like the match against Finland, the weaknesses in the defense of Vietnam Team were more obvious when facing a strong opponent, leading to errors and creating opportunities for Iran to score 2 goals to win. The match ended with a score of 3-1.

With this result, Vietnam Team is ranked at the bottom of Group B after 2 matches and will play a match for 5th place with Mozambique – the team ranked at the bottom of Group A under Morocco and host Thailand.