Vietnamese futsal club return officially ending their journey at the AFC Futsal Championship 2022

At 2pm (Hanoi time) today afternoon (10/6), Vietnam national futsal team has arrived at Tay Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City) closing off their journey in the AFC Futsal Championship 2022.

  06/10/2022 23:08:28

Heading off since October 5th, 7:30pm (Hanoi Time) Vietnam national futsal team flew from Kuwait to Qatar then to Tay Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City). All members of the team get to visit their family a few days before gather up once again to participate in the return matches of the HDBank Futsal National Championship 2022.

In the AFC Futsal Championships 2022, Vietnam’s futsal team has to end their journey in the quarter-final but they have left many certain highlights. Strategies made by the coach Diego Giustozzi have brought much positivity for the team. The Vietnam team have surpass Korea with a score of 5-1, Saudi Arabia with 3-1 and lost to Japan with the score of 0-2. In the quarter-final, encountering the top 6 world-wide team and top1 in Asia which is Iran, the Vietnamese team lost the match with a score of 1-8

“I’ve just arrived here more than 6 weeks ago. This is the first championship and is also an opportunity for me and the team to know each other better, to take notes and better ourselves. I think there needs to be a lot of changes in strength, physique and also mentality, strategy and the ability to play solo of each person. But there is an important step is that we need to upgrade the national championship. Thai Land, Japan, Iran or Uzbekistan all has high quality matches and development surpassing Vietnam 2 to 3 times. I think this will be crucial to help Vietnamese futsal develop”, coach Diego Giustozzi speech about the journey of the Vietnam futasl team.

In addition, according to plan, the HDBank National Futsal Championship return matches will be starting from October 20th to November 10th at the Can Tho Stadium. Closing off the first leg, the Sahako club is taking the lead with 20 points after 8 matches. Right behind them is Thai Son Nam with 15 point. With the same 15 points is Thai Son Bac but they have to be at the 3rd spot due to lost in the extra point.

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