Head coach Mai Duc Chung: “I satisfied with a draw”

After the match of Vietnam Women’s team with Thailand, head coach Mai Duc Chung shared that he satisfied with a draw 1-1. He said this draw was a fair result considering the quality of the game.

27/11/2019 10:02:23

Head coach Mai Duc Chung said: “Draw was a fair result considering the quality of the game. But I thought that we were lucky in the first half when Thailand was in control and had some good chances. This was a good result. This was a tense game with both 2 teams. I satisfied with a draw however it will be better if we didn’t let Thailand came back from a goal down in the last minutes”.

About the issues in the nutrition of players in the Philippines, Mr. Mai Duc Chung stated: “Using the word ‘food shortages’ may be too strong. The issues in the nutrition of players just slightly less food. We have overcome this by working with the hotel to order more food for the players. Today, the players’ meals have been enriched and improved a lot”.

Talk again about the match, head coach Mai Duc Chung share: “It’s impossible to foresee anything in football. Just not concentrating, we can be lost; and in fact, Thailand had come back from a goal down. In the training session before the match, we practiced the same situations but in the match, the players didn’t have enough strength to handle”.

“About the difficult of host Philippines, this is the second time they organize SEA Games however they still lack experience. Luckily, we have a backup plan and actively change with the support of VFF’s officers”.

Commenting on the next match against Indonesia, head coach Mai Duc Chung argued: “We have determined that we have to try our best in all matches. Indonesia also improves after the game at AFF recently. In football, understanding the opponent is very important however the more important is how players follow the tactics of the coach. Of course, we will have some changes in the line-up, our ambition is having the victory in the match with Indonesia to come into the semi-final”.

When the reporter asks about the lack of supporters, head coach Mai Duc Chung shared: “We familiar with it, I remember that in SEA Games 29 we have only 1 supporter who came to watch our match. Playing with many fans in the stadium brings a lot of motivation for the player, however, we don’t have many choices. We have to try more to attract more supporters”.