Vietnam is in the pot 1 at AFC Futsal Asian Cup 2024

To prepare for the organization of the AFC Fusal Asian Cup 2024 Qualifiers, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has conducted seed grouping as well as announced the draw principle to divide the group for the 31 participating teams.

  30/05/2023 15:07:25

Accordingly, the seeding is based on the performance of the teams at the 2022 Futsal Asian Cup. Teams not participating in the 2022 are ranked in the lowest group.

Pot 1 (place 1- 8): Japan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Vietnam

Pot 2 (place 9-16): Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, China Taipei, Turkmenistan, Lebannon, Korea, Myanmar

Pot 3 (place 17- 24): Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Australia, Palestine, Hong Kong, Timor Leste

Pot 4 (from place 25): Cambodia, Maldives, Mongolia, Brunei, China, India, Macau

AFC also officially announced the list of 8 countries hosting the 8 qualifying groups (7 groups of 4 teams and 1 group of 3 teams), including: Bahrain, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Tajikistan , Thailand and Uzbekistan. This group of home teams will be divided equally into 8 groups according to the position codes of the 4 respective seed groups mentioned above.

After determining the group of 8 home teams, AFC will conduct a draw for the remaining positions in the groups, starting with the pot 4 group and ending in the pot 1.

With this principle, Vietnam Team in the pot 1 will certainly not be in the same group with opponents including: Japan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Tajikistan, Indonesia and Kuwait.

Teams will compete in a round-robin format to count point. The 8 group winners and 7 second teams (15 teams in total) with the best results in the groups will qualify for the 2024 AFC Futsal Asian Cup. The 16th ticket will go to the team of the host country.

The draw for the qualifier will take place at the AFC headquarters at 14:00 (Vietnam time) on June 22. The 3 matchdays of the qualifying round have also been set on October 7, October 9, and October 11, 2023.

Currently, Vietnam futsal team is training at Thai Son Nam Gymnasium, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. Tomorrow (May 31), the team will travel for training and friendly matches in Paraguay and Argentina.

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